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Harvest Church Caloundra

Some things that are important values to us that might distinguish us from other churches: 

  • The mandates, lockdowns & forced / coerced medical treatment etc based on "expert" & "scientific" advice  implemented (past & present) in various forms & severity around Australia & New Zealand by governments & businesses / corporations has been unnecessary, too harsh, extreme overreach, compassionless, unscientific, diabolical, hypocritical & ineffective, pushed by un-elected Globalist powers & large Corporations with ulterior motives.  Pastors & churches at large who just used Romans 13 as a weak excuse, to obey (submission & obedience are not the same thing)  to these ungodly laws  & potentially harmful untested medications do not understand the Biblical, Historical, Prophetic & Political (It is all about control not health) context and set by silently, instead of standing up & speaking out in courage.  The churches & pastors who fully obeyed these mandates allowed governments to control who could attend church & went along with segregating or even worse refusing entry for people who were conscientious objectors to a certain medical drugs & there God-given & constitutional rights & freedom. This is unreconcilable with the Gospel we preach.  This has been the greatest medical experiment unleashed on mankind & the lasting harmful effects are now starting to show, not to mention the mental & economic lasting damage on society.  More tests like this or worse are coming, be prepared. Where do you stand as a believer, pastor / leader or church?
  • "Calvinism" & the so called "TULIP" has some Biblical truths, but we consider it overall a false doctrine, and is probably one of the most damaging doctrines directly & indirectly introduced during the reformation & still influences many pulpits today across many denominations. 
  • We do not adhere to: "Woke" philosophies, Critical Race Theory, Dividing society by race, Marxism / Socialism, so called Climate Change "Science" based on politicised biased opinions (which is more like a religion worshiping creation rather then the Creator) & un-Biblical views & practices of marriage, gender & unborn life in the womb. 
  • It is not about numbers & entertaining people but fulfilling & obeying that last words of our Lord Jesus before He ascended up to heaven recorded in Matthew 28:19 " Go therefore and make disciples....."                          
  • Pray for and support Israel: Israel is our prophetic time clock and as Christians we are called to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. The Jewish people have been terribly persecuted throughout the centuries, even by people who called themselves "Christians". But history seems to repeat itself, but we need to continue to show our love, support and prayers for Israel.
  • Pray, help and support financially persecuted Christians: there are presently more Christians persecuted and even killed for their faith in Jesus than any time in history. We can not sit by and do nothing.
  • There are many teachings, practices & supernatural manifestations that have been introduced over the last years, but the Word of God / The Scriptures are the final authority in testing manifestations, healings and doctrine: If something can't be backed up from the Bible in the right context, it is not an acceptable doctrine, manifestation, prayer or practice.
  • We believe in the imminent rapture of born-again Christians before the seven years tribulation.
  • We are a non-denominational church and our model and example to follow is the first church in the book of Acts, not the latest trend or fad.

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