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  • Proclaim the Gospel to see souls saved
  • Impact our community, nation and world
  • See the body strengthened in unity, maturity and wholeness
  • Worship and glorify God
  • Jesus said: " I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it!" Matthew 16:18
  • We are God’s labourers. In Scripture we see that by being born again we become part of the wider body of Christ. Jesus Christ is building His church throughout the world and He has commissioned us to build it locally. As labourers we help build our local church. Fellowship though voluntarily , should not be considered lightly. It is a commitment through Christ to one another, so please consider the following commissions, commitments & blessings:


  • Our commission to lead a godly moral life.
  • Our commission to fellowship by regularly and punctually attending services and to participate regularly in communion.
  • Our commission to be teachable and to always forgive one another.
  • Our commission to pray both individually and collectively for our community, our church, our leadership, our national and local government and Israel.
  • Our commission to share the Gospel, being a personal witness.
  • Our commission to practice hospitality, reaching out and embracing others in fellowship.
  • Our commission to bring our tithes and offerings into the House of the Lord.


  • Our commitment and acknowledgement that Jesus Christ is absolute and Sovereign Lord.
  • Our commitment to the Bible as the absolute, inspired, infallible word of God. Therefore submitting to its authority.
  • Our commitment to support and acknowledge the leadership of our church
  • Our commitment to serve the Lord through serving one another and our community, being faithful and loyal to the body of Christ.
  • Our commitment to love the people of our church, in word and deed
  • Our commitment to maintain the unity of the faith by building up, protecting and encouraging one another.
  • Our commitment not to criticise or to listen to gossip, slander or talk unprofitably, negatively of any individual, our church and the wider body of Christ


  • Security and refuge in our family
  • Fellowship, friendship and warmth
  • Protection from wolves
  • Spiritual food, nourishment and growth
  • Life, healing and joy
  • Love, care and concern
  • Training and serving in ministry
  • Discipline and correction
  • Communion table
  • Support in both spiritual and practical ways
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