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Why I am a dispensationalist, premillennial & pre-trib

Because I take the Bible literally, even when some kind of poetic language is used like symbol, or metaphor, something literal is being referenced. The Apostle Paul was chosen by God to be His Apostle with delegated authority to the Gentiles. And that, For the specific purpose of revealing the mystery of Salvation by Grace alone through faith alone as stated clearly in 1st Corinthians 15:3 and 4.. INCLUDING FOR THE FIRST TIME Gentiles into the plan of God. We see this plan unfolding very rapidly RIGHT NOW. I HAVE NEVER SEEN THE BIRTH PANGS OF MAJOR END TIME EVENTS, AS ARE COMING ON THE WORLD LIKE RIGHT NOW. ISRAEL IS AT THE CENTER JUST AS PROPHESIED, BEING PRESSURED BY THE WORLD TO COMPROMISE AND BACK DOWN. THE WORLD STAGE IS BEING SET FOR THE ANTICHRIST.. and the rapture is imminent like never before..

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