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There has never been a State of Palestine

Updated: Mar 1

*Abraham and his family, the Hebrew ancestors of the Jewish People, migrated from Mesopotamia into the land of Canaan, in approximately 2000 BC

*For about 400 years the the children of Israel lived as slaves in the land of Egypt.

*After the miraculous deliverance under Moses & Joshua they were led back to the promised land: Israel.

*Next there was a confederation of the 12 tribes of Israel.

*Next there was the Kingdom of Israel.

*Next there were the Kingdoms of Israel & Judah.

*Next there was the Babylonian Empire.

*Next there was the Persian Empire.

*Next there was the Grecian Empire under Alexander the Great.

*Next there was the Hellenistic Seleucid Empire.

*Next there was the Jewish Hasmonean Dynasty.

*Next there was the Roman Empire. (In 135 AD, to erase the memory of the Jews, the Romans renamed the land "Palestine" after an ancient enemy of the Jews: the Philistines)

*Next there was the Byzantine Empire.

*Next there was the Sasanian or Neo Persian Empire.

*Next there was the Byzantine Empire, again.

*Next there were the Umayyad & Fatimid empires.

*Next there were the Frankish & Christian Kingdom of Jerusalem.

*Next there was the Ayyubid Dynasty.

*Next there was the Mamluk Sultanate.

*Next there was the Ottoman Empire.

*Next there was the British Mandate for Palestine. (Britain re-used the name Palestine when given authority over the land in 1920, after WW1)

*Next there was the re-birth of Israel, Jews from all over Europe went back home to join those already there, to re-build their homeland & establish the Modern Sate of Israel in 1948.

*Next Jesus Christ the Messiah will come again, set His feet on the Mount of Olives & reign & rule on the Throne of David & every knee shall bow & every tongue confess the Jesus Christ is Lord.

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