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Are you also fed up with the "Rapture Doctrine" being mocked & attacked?

Updated: Mar 30

awaiting and confidently expecting the [fulfilment of our] blessed hope and the glorious appearing of our great God and Saviour, Christ Jesus,

2 Peter 3:3

First of all, know [without any doubt] that mockers will come in the last days with their mocking, following after their own human desires

The closer we get to that special day, the more resistance & even mocking. I never attack people who have different views on this, but the opposite is often true. If people visiting our church & ask me about this, I will try to explain how I come to this conclusion with gentleness & respect. I have now studied the Word of God & end-time prophecy for about 40 years & still learning, but to me the doctrine of the "Rapture" is rock solid.

The "accusation" that pre-tribulation Christians are passive & don't care about the state of the world & pull back from society is completely unfounded. This false statement has been repeated so many times that many start actually believing this. Yes there are possibly "lazy" Christians in any denomination, flavour & doctrine, but my own life & testimony & from many others & recent church history prove the opposite.

I don't care how famous, popular or size church these anti-rapture "preachers" represent, wrong is wrong. The Scriptures only, not opinions based on the so called "New Apostolic Reformation" , "Israel replacement Theology" & "Kingdom Now Doctrine" etc , has the final authority.

Watch "The Rapture is Demonic?? RESPONSE to The Eric Metaxas Show" on YouTube

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