Restoring the Gates 3

This Sunday we are expounding on the Fountain Gate which speaks of being filled with the Holy Spirit continuously. The Watergate referring to the Word of God that does not need to be repaired or improved it is perfect. And lastly the Horse Gate which speaks of spiritual warfare with the weapons God has given us, but at the same time not relying on our own strength.  

Restoring the Gates 2

This message is a continuation of Nehemiah Chapter 3 restoring the gates of Jerusalem. It is a series on the same chapter, but every gate is a "mini" message / topic in itself, to apply to our daily walk of faith. So jump right in or listen to them in sequence. Last Sunday we taught on the Sheep & Fish Gate, now we are expounding on the Old, Valley & Refuse Gate.

Restoring the Gates 1

"Restoring the Gates" is the title of this first part of this message. Under the leadership of Nehemiah, the 10 Gates of Jerusalem, which had been destroyed by the enemy are being restored & repaired. There is great comparison in relation to church history how also over time the enemy has destroyed the spiritual "gates" over the centuries, but God desires them to be restored under Godly anointed leadership. Also in our personal life we sometimes need to restore "gates" that have been damaged by the enemy or of our own doing. The gates mentioned in Nehemiah Chapter 3 have many significant applications to our spiritual walk.

The Oil Crises 2

This Sunday is a continuation on "The Oil Crises", but at the same time you can jump right in, as it is not just a continuation, but also a message by itself, focussing on what real Christianity really means & examine ourselves if the "door" to the wedding feast is open to us.

The Oil Crises part 1

This Sunday's Message is on the "Virgins" (Christians / Church goers / Believers) who end up having an oil crises. Listen to the message how, why & when.

Jesus our High Priest

This Sunday morning we continue the message on the same passage in Exodus 32. As we discussed the consequences of choosing the wrong path & the Israelites so quickly departing from the Lord, this time, besides other applications for today, we will focus more on the power of intercession & how Moses, through his intercession / prayer changed God's mind. This is a beautiful "picture" of Jesus our High Priest: how He gave His life for us & now interceding for us!