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Is Donald Trump guilty?

You really start wondering if the woke left hate him so much, maybe he is God's man after all

For those who just want to know the basic, relatively impartial facts about the Trump case - here's my attempt:

* 8 years ago, Trump's lawyer paid $130,000 to a woman called Stormy Daniels to prevent her from alleging an affair with him;

* Such 'hush money' payments are not illegal;

* The alleged wrongdoing is that the payment was falsely categorised in financial records as a legal fee and thus the payment was covered up;

* Thus, the charge would have been one of falsifying business records;

* This would ordinarily amount to no more than a misdemeanour (legally speaking). Misdemeanours are normally punishable by way of a fine (ie not jail);

* In any event, the statute of limitations meant it happened too long ago to be tried;

* Therefore, the former (Democrat) Manhattan District Attorney declined to prosecute, as did Biden's own Justice Department;

* But the current Manhattan District Attorney ran for election on a platform of promising to prosecute Trump;

* He worked around the statute of limitations by elevating the charge to a felony rather than a misdemeanour. Felonies are more serious and punishable by prison terms;

* In order for the crime (falsification of business records) to qualify as a felony, it must have been committed in the course of committing another felony;

* This "other felony" was never identified;

* This means that the exact crime being alleged was not fully, clearly, or properly identified. It is unclear, after 6 weeks of trial. If one does not really know what they are being charged with, they cannot defend themselves;

* The jury was drawn from an area that votes Trump at a rate of just a few % of the population, meaning impartiality was improbable;

* There were so many felony counts because there is a paper trail in things like this (cheques, invoices, records, etc), and every piece of "paper" was charged as a separate count. Each count has its own (cumulative) jail sentence;

* In theory, he could be sentenced to 136 years in prison;

* In practice he may be sentenced anywhere from 0 - 136 years. It will be interesting to see whether they sentence him such that he is in jail on election day.

The hush money thing is sleazy. The show trial is Soviet. Things are broken.

"Justice is turned back, and righteousness stands far away, for truth has stumbled in the public square..." (Isa 59:14)

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